Servicios de Salud Familiar, S.A. De C.V., Mc de Hermosillo, S.A. De C.V., Servicios Hospitalarios Santa Catalina, S.A. De C.V., IMVL, S.A. De C.V., Médica de la Ciudad de Mazatlán, S.A. De C.V., Médica de la Ciudad de Tijuana, S.A. De C.V., operate a network of hospitals commercially known as “Hospital Medica de la Ciudad,” whose website is http://medicadelaciudad.com/, hereinafter referred to as “Médica de la Ciudad,” located at the following addresses:

Servicios de Salud Familiar, S.A. De C.V.
Address: Prolongación Álvaro Obregón No.1110, Col. Gabriel Leyva, C.P.80030, Culiacán, Sinaloa.
Mc de Hermosillo, S.A. De C.V.
Address: Paseo Rio Sonora Sur, No.138, Col. Proyecto Rio Sonora, C.P. 83270, Hermosillo Sonora.

Servicios Hospitalarios Santa Catalina, S.A. De C.V.
Address: Pablo Valdez, No. 719, Col. San Juan de Dios, C.P. 44360, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

IMVL, S.A. De C.V.
Address: Avenida Francisco. I. Madero 714, Primera, 21100 Mexicali, Baja California.
Médica de la Ciudad de Mazatlán, S.A. De C.V.
Address: Avenida La Marina, número 2207, colonia La Marina, C.P. 82112, Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Médica de la Ciudad de Tijuana, S.A. De C.V.
Address: Torre Médica Otay, Rampa Aeropuerto No. 16,000, Col. La Pechuga, Delegación Otay Centenario, Tijuana Baja California, C.P. 22425.
Medica de la Ciudad is responsible for the use, treatment, and protection of your personal data according to this privacy notice, for the following purposes:


A. Purposes necessary for maintaining the relationship with the data subject:

  1. Provision of medical-hospital services, surgery, hospitalization, nursing care, nursing services, pharmaceutical services, diagnosis, laboratory analysis, radiology and imaging, pathological analysis, therapy and rehabilitation, diet and nutrition.
  2. Creation, integration, analysis, study, update, and maintenance of your medical record.
  3. Sharing your data, as well as the results of studies, with your treating physicians and consultants, or anyone you designate as such, who are independent professionals from Médica de la Ciudad and who have assumed responsibility for your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.
  4. Billing and collection of services provided by Médica de la Ciudad.

B. Different purposes:

  1. Studies, records, statistics, and analysis of health information.
  2. Maintenance for the provision of services in the future.
  3. Promotion and marketing of products and services from Médica de la Ciudad.

Medica de la Ciudad informs you that you may refuse the processing of your personal data for the purposes listed in section B. This refusal must be communicated to the Personal Data Department of Medica de la Ciudad by sending an email to datospersonales@medicadelaciudad.com within a period of 5 business days. This refusal cannot be a reason for denying the services and products you request or contract with us.

Within the facilities of Medica de la Ciudad, security cameras are present, which may capture images and/or videos of activities in common areas, such as corridors, elevators, waiting rooms, reception, cashier, among others. This is for the security of you and the people visiting and working in these facilities.

To achieve the aforementioned purposes, Medica de la Ciudad will process the following personal data:

Personal Data:

Contact and identification data, including Name, date of birth, place of birth, age, gender, occupation, phone number, address, email, and the phone number of a family member designated as a responsible party for communication in case of emergency. Additionally, information related to the medical expenses insurance policy.

Financial and Patrimonial Data:

If necessary, financial and patrimonial data, including bank account details and tax information.

Sensitive Data:

Medica de la Ciudad, in order to provide medical-hospital care and in accordance with applicable health legislation, may collect and process sensitive data related to present and future health status, medical history, information about lifestyle, allergies, genetic information, sexual preference, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs. This information will be treated with strict confidentiality for the purpose of medical care, diagnosis, and hospitalization.

Data Transfer:

For the fulfillment of the purposes referred to in section A, items 1 and 2, Medica de la Ciudad may transfer your personal data within and outside the country to health professionals, technicians, and health care assistants involved in the fulfillment of the purposes of this notice, such as treating physicians, consultants, support personnel, subrogated service providers, laboratories, insurers, and subsidiaries, affiliates, or companies that are part of Medica de la Ciudad.

In the case of transfers to companies within the same group as Medica de la Ciudad, or when such transfer is necessary to provide a service or keep the medical record updated, the consent of the data subjects is not required.

You may oppose the transfer of your personal data by sending an email to datospersonales@medicadelaciudad.com, or a written notification delivered to the address of Medica de la Ciudad corresponding to the city, indicating the limitation on the use you desire.

If you do not express your opposition to the transfer of your personal data, it will be understood that you have given your consent for all medical and hospital care services that Medica de la Ciudad provides to you from now on, as well as those for the follow-up of your condition, and/or virtual, telephone, or electronic follow-up purposes for the offering of our services related to your health.

Exercise of Rights Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition (ARCO):

All personal data will be treated in accordance with current legislation, and therefore, the data subject will have the rights of access to the data held by Medica de la Ciudad, to rectify them if they are incomplete or inaccurate, to proceed with the cancellation when their processing is excessive for the purposes for which they were granted, and to oppose their treatment. This can be done by submitting a request to the Personal Data Treatment Department at datospersonales@medicadelaciudad.com, using the request format available at www.medicadelaciudad.com/ejercicioderechos, or by physically delivering it to the address of Medica de la Ciudad corresponding to the city, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00 hours. The request must contain the following information:

  • Name of the data subject.
  • Address of the data subject or email address to communicate the response to the request.
  • Documents proving identity or authorization to represent the data subject in the request.
  • Description of personal data on which some ARCO right is intended to be exercised.
  • Date of attention and address of the Medica de la Ciudad Hospital where the services were received.
  • Any other element that allows the location of personal data and attention to the request.

Privacy Policy:

To prevent unauthorized access to personal data and to ensure that the information is used for the purposes established in this Privacy Notice, Medica de la Ciudad has established physical, electronic, and administrative procedures to prevent the use or disclosure of personal data. These procedures are constantly evaluated and reviewed by the Personal Data Department to control the use and disclosure of data.

The data subject may limit the use or disclosure of their personal data by sending an email to datospersonales@medicadelaciudad.com or a written notification delivered to the address of Medica de la Ciudad, indicating the limitation on the use they desire.
We inform you that on the Medica de la Ciudad website, we use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies through which it is possible to monitor your behavior as an internet user. This allows us to provide you with better service and a user experience while browsing our site. Additionally, it enables us to offer new products and services based on your preferences.

The data obtained from these tracking technologies include browsing time, information about the visitor’s IP address/domain name, websites that refer to your site, behavior, and the time spent on the website, pages navigated, tools used, postal code, browser type, and operating system, among others.
Most browsers will allow you to delete the use of cookies, block the acceptance of cookies, or receive a warning before storing cookies.

Updates to the Privacy Notice:

Medica de la Ciudad reserves the right to make modifications or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time, for compliance with new legislative or jurisprudential provisions, internal policies, and/or new requirements for the provision of medical and hospital services provided by this institution. This information will be available on the website www.medicadelaciudad.com and/or through notices placed at the addresses of Medica de la Ciudad hospitals.

I declare under oath that I have read this Privacy Notice in its entirety and fully understand its scope and content.
By this, I hereby give my consent for my personal and sensitive data to be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice.

User’s Signature or Stamp and/or Service Requester and/or Legal Representative.