Welcome to Médica de la Ciudad Hospital, where medical excellence and a comprehensive commitment to the well-being of each patient are accompanied by a welcoming and friendly hospital environment. Currently, we have 6 hospitals in Mexico, and we stand at the forefront of health tourism by combining cutting-edge technology with personalized care. At Médica de la Ciudad, we offer a wide range of medical and surgical procedures in all specialties. From plastic and bariatric surgery to orthopedics and cardiology, we cover it all. Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan ensured by our state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly qualified care teams.

Health Tourism Services
What is it?

The process of how health tourism works can be divided into several steps: starting with the initial virtual consultation, where medical evaluation is established, and the necessary treatment is planned. Next, the travel logistics are managed, including coordinating transfers and accommodation, as well as preparing for the medical procedure. During the stay, specialized medical care is provided, and the patient is accompanied throughout the recovery process, ensuring their comfort and well-being at all times. Finally, once the patient has completed their recovery process, their return journey is planned and organized, ensuring that everything is carried out optimally, and the patient is in suitable condition for transportation.

Our Comprehensive Approach Sets Us Apart.

We have advanced imaging technology, complete laboratories, and intensive care units to ensure a prompt response to any emergency. This safety and life support capability allow us to handle any procedure with maximum efficiency.







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Surgeries and Procedures

We offer a range of surgeries and medical procedures performed by our team of specialized and certified physicians. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality and utmost safety throughout your surgery.

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    Medical Staff

    All our physicians are specialists and possess all the certifications and accreditations necessary to perform your surgery with the best quality and the highest level of safety. At Médica de la Ciudad, our focus on an integrated approach ensures that you receive top-notch health tourism services, combining advanced technology, experienced medical staff, and a commitment to your well-being throughout the entire process.